Academic Partnerships

Ecosystems has partnered with several institutions to provide foundational education in the career of sales.

Why are we working with colleges and universities?

There are 4,000+ colleges and universities in the U.S. Less than 150 of them have a sales course let alone a sales program. Thus 97% of the schools have no foundational education in the career of sales.

And yet 50% of all college graduates, regardless of what their major is, work in some sales position out of school. Think about that massive imbalance.

Their job may not have “sales” explicitly in the title but they clearly are in sales having to work with prospects and/or customers to help them achieve their business outcomes.

Ecosystems is leading the way to shift this imbalance by proactively forming strategic partnerships with Academia to empower young people to learn this noble craft. Helping is selling and selling is not helping.

If you are interested in this Eco initiative and our broader commitment to creating a positive change in our community, please contact us.

Preparing Future Sales Professionals

Many college students today are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to successfully begin a career in professional selling.

Our university partnerships are transforming how students are learning about professional selling in the classroom.

We provide future sales professionals with real-world examples and hands-on experience with our platform.

Learn how we’re partnering with colleges like Elon University’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business.

Ecosystems provides training for these excellent institutions: