2016: The Age of Customer Obsession

Forrester Research has found that we’ve entered a 20-year business cycle, called the Age of the Customer, where companies will need to transform their operations to be fully focused on enabling unique and powerful customer experiences. In other words, it will become even more critical to make value clear in a way that is unique and tailored to the customer. Forrester writes that in the Age of the Customer, “customers expect consistent and high-value in-person and digital experiences.” We’re looking forward to hosting Mary Shea on Voice of Value this month to learn more about how this will affect sales and marketing leaders. In the coming year, we aim to continually improve your experience with Ecosystems and the Value Management Office. Here are three commitments we’re making in 2016:

1. Make your experience effortless

We’re committed to creating an effortless experience for everyone who comes into contact with Ecosystems and the Value Management Office (VMO). We want it to be easy, straightforward, helpful—even fun. We’ll be launching changes to our website, including making it easier for you to connect with us instantly, access helpful resources, and conduct online transactions. We want your experience to be effortless, but we’ll need your help: let us know how we can be better.

2. Show your value in new ways

In 2015, we told your success stories with creative animation, video, and infographics and continued to do so with the introduction of Voice of Value and guests including Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World, Tom Martin of Rackspace, Andrew Wilson of Accenture, and Mike Zuber of Hewlett-Packard. This year, we’ll be expanding Voice of Value to be a full resource for you. It will be an avenue for you to access the insight of others and to share your own experiences. Sharing your stories with renewed creativity and intentionality helps all of us make our value clear.

3. Build the road to full integration

We plan to further integrate with the platforms you use every day. From product marketing, who prepares value messaging; to field sales, who configures customer deliverables; to sales management, who tracks the impact of value selling efforts, we aim to be the central hub for the comprehensive value selling lifecycle.  A durable and scalable value selling program begins with one that is integrated.

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