36 is the New (Lucky) 7

What do gamblers, biblical scholars, and Ivy League-bound high school students have in common? They all respect the number 36.

Not only is 36 the number of possible outcomes in the roll of two distinct dice, but gambling mecca Nevada was also the 36th state admitted to the Union. That can’t be by chance.

The Hebrew Bible commands us to love, respect, and protect the stranger 36 times. And, it teaches that in every generation there are 36 righteous people in whose merit the world continues to exist. Who is going to argue with the Old Testament?

High school scholars dream of getting a perfect score on the ACT college entrance exam. What’s that magic number? A 36.

Now B2B sellers will come to respect the number as Ecosystems delivers 36 new ways to show value to a customer. Thanks to our partnership with Bain & Company, Ecosystems is empowering sellers with 36 new ways – in addition to ROI — to collaborate with customers on value right from their CRM.

36 is the New (Lucky) 7!

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