A Learning Ecosystem

What is the best way to organize your resources and go-to-market plans going into the new year to maximize account growth and renewals?

This can be a daunting question to any executive, particularly if having to answer it in isolation. Today’s business leaders operate in an increasingly volatile, complex, and uncertain world. How can you see around corners when you don’t know where the corners are?

There is an acute need for a dynamic learning ecosystem. An environment where a diverse group of people can come together and learn. A place where assumptions can be tested, thoughts put on trial, and real-life problems can be worked.

Ecosystems Services has formed such a learning community called the Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem. With 100+ leaders representing diverse functions such as sales, sales enablement, value management, and customer success, this community of practitioners learns together exponentially.

The community came together last week to tackle the topic of account growth and renewals. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Perhaps the most provocative output from the conversation is an inchoate maturity model the members are working on that thinks through resourcing in 2020, filtering by criteria such as overall company maturity, product complexity, geographies, and channels. The members are coordinating a follow-up meeting on this very topic with a deeper dive into the perspective of how to optimize account growth and renewals via the channel.

A special thanks to Mike McGuinness, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Veracode, and Christophe Bodin, Chief Customer Officer at Anaplan, for leading this recent session with your peer members of the Advisory Ecosystem community.

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about our thought leadership community.

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