A Modern Seller’s View on the Past

“I never limit myself when exploring ways to add value for my customer.” Meet Tori, a modern seller at a successful SaaS company. Tori has a proven track record in being able to not only gain access at higher levels in an organization but to create ongoing executive sponsorship. As you spend time with Tori, you quickly understand why. She thinks differently about customer value and doesn’t accept old conventions, “I don’t fall in love with the past.” For Tori, the past is going into an executive conversation with some financial ROI or TCO report and thinking “the magic will happen.” It never does. “Executives think broader around value. I use the B2B Value Pyramid to appeal to their natural way of thinking,” says Tori. This new and progressive value framework gives the modern seller 36 new ways to discuss and align with an executive on their unique value. “I like to interactively go through the Value Pyramid with an executive and allow him or her to help guide me on where they see value.” Tori believes this gives her structure right from the beginning on how and where to align with an executive on value. Further, it helps her establish ongoing sponsorship as she provides evidence and support on the executive’s chosen elements of value. We thought it would be fun to ask a successful modern seller to be our guest producer on a skit about the old approach around value selling. With Tori’s guidance, we bring you a lighthearted look into the past. If Tori’s approach resonates with you, please consider joining a growing community of 1,000+ modern sellers in this LinkedIn group, who seek to redefine how to discuss value with customers.

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