Advantages for the Modern Seller

Vice President of Sales Enablement Practices at IDC, Randy Perry, discusses with Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, the three elements that enable a sales practice to distinguish itself from the competition:

  • Tailoring Products or Services: Sellers should endeavor to match their products and services to the customer’s current needs. Each customer faces unique challenges that require tailored solutions. Specifically addressing these builds customer trust, boosts their satisfaction, and strengthens their loyalty.
  • Realize the Influence of Stakeholders and Buyers: Many sellers will never come in contact with all of these individuals, but they hold the same level of influence over the sales success. Make sure to bring to the table more than just a bottom-line impact and provide your customer champions with the tools they need to sell internally to help stakeholders recognize the long-term benefits.
  • Stay up to Date: Sellers need to be able to engage with customers virtually and be able to close deals in a virtual environment. Changes are constantly happening and are often accelerating across the business environment. Earlier this year, COVID-19 rapidly forced businesses unable to virtually engage customers to fold; however, many that had previously recognized the industry trend toward multi-channel sales managed to survive. Keeping pace with change equips a business to be more successful even in dire conditions.


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