Benchmarking Customer Value

As #PulseEverywhere approaches, Ecosystems is excited to be launching a next-generation engine for the statistical analysis, visualization, and benchmarking of customer value. The innovation automates the cross-customer capture, aggregation, and analysis of value – both the value promised in Sales and the value actually delivered in Customer Success – empowering providers to:

  • Ensure Sales and Customer Success are operating from a shared digital record of customer value
  • Harvest cross-account averages on recognized value as proof-points for current and future customers
  • Turn volumes of Business Value Assessments (Sales) and Customer Success Plans (Customer Success) into a valuable source of thought leadership and industry expertise
  • Ensure every renewal and growth opportunity is supported by tangible delivered value
  • Save time and resources, by replacing spreadsheet-intensive processes for collecting, filtering, and formatting data — with a purpose-built engine for statistical analysis and insight visualization

As the only value-selling provider with integration recognized by both Salesforce and Gainsight, the entirety of the innovation is available to Sales and Customer Success in their native CRM/CSM environments.

Please come by Ecosystems’ booth at Pulse Everywhere or learn more here.

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