Breaking the “fourth wall” of the CRM

Movies and TV shows are made for the masses, watched by millions of people from many different walks of life. As consumers, we accept that we are sharing a group experience, all seeing the exact same thing, even if we are sitting alone at home. But when a character “breaks the fourth wall” and speaks directly to you, taking a break from the script, it feels intimate, like you are friends. You have now been brought in on the plot, or the joke, or the secret. Think Ferris Bueller telling us the key to faking out parents when pretending to be sick on his infamous day off or Leonardo DiCaprio preempting our questions about the legality of his character’s actions in The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s a different viewing experience, right? So what if you as the seller were able to deviate from the standard one-size-fits-all script when interacting with a buyer, and were able to “break the fourth wall” of your CRM? How different would the customer’s experience be if you could customize your conversation inside the CRM to answer specific questions, tailor content to a client’s individual needs, and truly collaborate? Unlike a movie, this is not fiction. This could be your real life. Ecosystems has a Customer Value Management plug-in to all CRMs to break the fourth wall on value conversations between sellers and their customers. It not only facilitates the value conversation, but will increase the total adoption of your existing CRM. Sellers will see the CRM as something that will truly help them do their job rather than an internal management reporting tool. Imagine your environment allowing you to collaborate with your customers and prospects real-time on value. This is truly breaking the fourth wall of the CRM. Now that’s a Hollywood ending.

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