Dream With Your Customers

Ecomagination was GE’s multi-billion dollar brand makeover. It was a bold initiative to move a company considered to be an environmental dinosaur from the industrial age into a new era. At the time, my guest on Ecosystems’ Voice of Value podcast, Beth Comstock, was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at GE. Beth was at the forefront of helping to create a new 21st Century value proposition. In this clip, Beth talks about conducting “dreaming sessions with customers.” A brave, collaborative effort to co-create value with customers. GE and their customers worked together to design the right ecological and economical solution. Ecomagination was one of GE’s most successful business initiatives having generated over $160 billion in revenue for the company. #ValueMadeClear How are you dreaming forward with your customers? Tune into my full discussion with Beth on the Voice of Value podcast here. Also, be sure to check out Beth’s book, Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change.

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