Ecosystems’ Adoption Guarantee

Research shows that 40% of an IT budget is wasted on technology that’s never used. With Ecosystems’ adoption guarantee, we ensure your team is optimizing the utilization of the Ecosystem platform to its full potential.

With over 20 years of experience transforming the world’s most progressive sales organizations, we have documented all of our learnings into the Science of Success for Sales Transformation. This framework includes three dimensions:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Platform

Within each dimension, the framework breaks down what success looks like in these category rankings: Okay, Good, Great, World-Class.

We will then assess your team on these dimensions to see where you are today in your sales transformation and work together through prescriptive steps to elevate your team to world-class. Our adoption guarantee process includes:

  • Benchmarking your current people, process, and platform using the Science of Success for Sales Transformation to create a baseline
  • Mutually agreeing on adoption targets with associated conditions for success
  • Measuring guaranteed adoption on a quarterly basis in value reviews

See how we have put our adoption guarantee successfully into practice with one of our clients.

Learn more in this video. For those interested in leveraging Ecosystems’ adoption guarantee with the Ecosystem platform, please contact us at

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