Episode 14:

Episode 14: Sales Transformation: Geoff’s Jihad on Outcome Selling

Key Takeaways

Geoffrey Moore, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Advisor, discusses his jihad on outcome-based selling.

3 Key Insights from this Episode:

  1. Digital transformation is putting a greater emphasis on outcome selling. Geoff shares some terrific examples of how is doing this.
  2. This holy war, or Geoff’s jihad, with executives to put a second pipeline in their CRM around outcome selling.
  3. A next generation of customer success, which now looks at three levels of outcomes for a customer.

[4:10] Geoffrey Moore on his book, Crossing the Chasm, on how would a startup take a disruptive innovation to scale.

[5:41] Geoff on the most destructive thing you can do to a company.

[7:04] How a sales leader can transform their team to be more customer-outcome focused and make the numbers.

[10:50] The way you can build trust with your customer.

[11:40] How to differentiate yourself in the sales discovery process.

[12:31] Geoff’s perspective on which companies are doing a sales transformation well.

[14:36] How sales transformations happen gradually and suddenly.

[15:41] The digital transformation occurring in sales today and how to approach sales in 2019 to add value to your customers.

[17:54] Most CRM systems have one pipeline model–it needs two.

[18:58] The customer success function is still maturing.

[20:53] Customer success metrics that truly serve customers outcomes.

[21:50] How can I create programmatic ways to interrogate the health of a customer? It begins with having an authentic conversation about the desired outcomes with customers.

[22:40] The three tiers of customer outcomes.

[24:06] Advice to sales leaders in the throes of a sales transformation to outcome-based selling. Geoff’s jihad on finding a way to implement a second pipeline into your CRM system.

Customer Outcomes in 3 Tiers

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Industry Buzz

Sales, for a long time, has been focused on “outcomes.” The problem is, we’ve been focusing on the wrong outcomes–our revenue, the attainment of our goals. One of the important lessons from this discussion with Geoffrey Moore, is we need to redefine the outcomes we measure ourselves on. They need to be customer focused!

– David A. Brock, President and CEO, Partners in EXCELLENCE

Geoffrey’s insight into the transition from what we sell to how we sell for complex B2B sales professionals is absolutely on point and completely aligned with our real world experience of helping our clients make this important transition. A shift to an outcome-based, go-to-client model is a shift the industry has been slowly awakening to now for the past 3-5 years. It’s time for sales executives to heed the advice and take conscious action to innovate. To use Geoffrey’s terms, “genuine meaningful outcome-based selling is still pre-chasm.” There is still an opportunity for companies to disrupt their markets by capturing this amazing unmet market need.

– Chris Luxford, Change Agent and Senior Consultant, The ASPIRE! Group, LLC

Geoffrey Moore is right. Customer Success teams must focus on helping achieve and document better customer success outcomes—not just satisfaction scores—as the anchor point for all renewal and expansion related conversations.

– Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions

Geoffrey NAILED IT! “The key to being a good sales person is not the selling motions…The focus has to be on aligning with your customer around outcomes which leads to joint goals, decisions, & solutions!” This has been the key to success & foundation of all my sales enablement programs for the past 25 years & it still holds true today!

– Roderick Jefferson CEO, Roderick Jefferson & Associates

Geoffrey Moore is an iconic figure in disrupting business norms. Sales Transformation is something everyone talks about but few are able to make a reality. Transformational results require transformational activities. Transformational activities require transformational leadership. Until leaders transform what the definition of “awesome” is and reinforce outcomes driven by transformational experiences salespeople will always fall back to traditional outcome-based selling. This episode provides great insight to around how transformation is achieved and why the PROMISE of Outcomes and the ACHIEVEMENT of Outcomes is a key building block for any sales transformation initiative. A great listen for all salespeople and sales leaders.

– Rob Jeppsen, Founder & CEO, Xvoyant

Thrilling. This is a very intelligent podcast full of sharp insights and new frameworks for outcome selling. Geoff distinguishes “transactional selling” from “enterprise selling” and shows sales leaders how shifting success metrics to the success of the customer rather than the quota of the seller creates transformation at scale in any business. Brilliant, original and thought-provoking.

– Shari Levitin, Speaker & Bestselling Author

Well it is Geoffrey Moore after all, so that should be enough to get you started! Recognizing that outcomes matter more than activity, Geoffrey’s insights around the role of customer success in this Customer First world, the need for multiple pipelines (sales processes really) and the ongoing challenges of digital transformation make this a very valuable 30 minutes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the focus on customer outcomes and transformation resonated strongly with me.

– Donal Daly, Chairman Altify and Author of Digital Sales Transformation in a Customer First World