Episode 17:

Episode 17: Human-First Leadership, Navigating Change, and Generation Eco

Key Takeaways

In this Voice of Value podcast episode, Beth Comstock, author of Imagine It Forward and former vice chair of GE, discusses human-first leadership, navigating change, and Generation Eco.

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[1:06] – What has changed about change? Beth’s experience and perspective on change management.

[2:10] – What leaders should dedicate 10% of their time for

[3:21] – Beth’s unique voice and value around curiosity and discovery.

[4:12] – What is a “Dreaming Session?”

[5:28] – Fear—one of the reasons why Beth felt she needed to write a book.

[6:15] – Ecomagination – The discovery and value proposition that came out of this strategy at GE.

[8:09] – Feeling vulnerable enough to say, “I don’t know. I need help. Let’s figure it out together.”

[9:20] – Overcoming doubts with curiosity.

[10:14] – Scaring colleagues off by not involving them in the discovery process.

[11:13] – Opening your mind to a new way of thinking. Beth’s book club, Changemakers.

[12:20] – The big key to applied empathy.

[12:54] – How do I convince my boss that there is a return on empathy?

[13:32] – Something that’s very popular today that Beth fundamentally disagrees with.

[14:41] – The intersection of purpose and profit. A project that really affected Beth while working at GE.

[15:48] – How the most credible salespeople differentiated themselves.

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