Episode 8:

Episode 8: From Relay Race to Rugby Scrum: The New Dynamic of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

Steve Silver, Senior Research Director, Sales Operations Strategies, SiriusDecisions

In this episode, Steve Silver compares sales, marketing, and customer success to a relay race: marketing begins the race by warming up a lead, passes the “baton” to sales, who passes it onto customer success. But this model, Steve says, is the old way.

We’re experiencing a transformation, where marketing, sales, and customer success no longer interact in a sequential manner, running the customer journey one after the other. Instead, it’s evolving to work like a rugby scrum: all three organizations running concurrently, supporting each other toward the common goal of retaining and growing the customer.

As a result of this new dynamic, a new role called Chief Revenue Officer is emerging that leads both sales and customer success. Sales intelligence platforms are also emerging—and functioning as critical capabilities for tracking customer activity, verifiers, and outcomes.

Listen to more of Steve’s insight in the podcast above.

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