Finding Ways to Create New Value and Knowledge

John Hagel, former co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, joins Ecosystems CEO Chad Quinn to discuss the relationship between organizational learning and success in a world that continues to change at an accelerating pace.

  • Branching Out: An organization that only learns from its own experiences will never be competitive with another that actively seeks and absorbs the insights of other companies in the industry.
  • Best Practices: Many organizational leaders fail to establish mutual best practice adoption because of a worry about openness and the use of their proprietary knowledge by competitors. However, due to the increasingly rapid rate of innovation across the ecosystem of all industries, the same proprietary knowledge that differentiated a firm in years past can quickly become obsolete without continuous innovation.
  • Lost Ground: Not taking advantage of the information generated each day within the industry would be leaving assets on the table. The value an organization gains from hoarding information will very rarely outweigh the costs of business slowly lost to superior learners.

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