Higher-Order Value in a COVID-19 World

My dad has often said, “You find out who your true friends are in difficult times.”

The same can be said in business. In a crisis, you find out who your true business partners are.

For those of us in customer-facing roles, we have a choice. How do we show up in these trying times? Do we play it small, allow fear to creep in, and just “weather the storm” or do we go big, lead with our values, and focus on our shared humanity?

Jamie Cleghorn and Eric Almquist, Partners at Bain & Company, offer guidance on important Elements of Value® to accentuate during the COVID-19 crisis.

Those companies who strive to go higher on the Elements of Value® pyramid will exit this crisis in a better position than when it started.

Bain and Ecosystems have a strategic partnership.

We, at Ecosystems, have taken these six Elements of Value and built a value story in the Ecosystem digital platform for you to share with your key accounts.

Please contact us at if you wish to see it live in our collaborative software.

Now is the time to see people as people. #HumanFirst #ValueMadeClear

Enterprise SoftwareChad Quinn, CEO, Ecosystems
Chad Quinn is the CEO of Ecosystems. For over 20 years, Chad has led the organization, focusing on helping Fortune 500 companies set up Value Management Offices (VMOs) to discover, quantify, and track business outcomes. Chad’s passion is to impact the lives of others. As host of the Voice of Value podcast, he discusses with B2B sales, marketing, and customer success leaders how to make your value clear. When he is not interviewing podcast guests, like Stanley McChrystal, J.B. Wood, or Beth Comstock, Chad enjoys long walks to Mars.

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