How to Build Value Together With Your Customers

Take a minute to think about LEGOs. Imagine all the different colors and sizes. LEGO pieces (or bricks, as they are officially called) are pretty simple, standard, and uniform when looked at individually. It’s when you snap them together that the magic happens. Every time you combine those pieces in a slightly different way, you make something entirely new, entirely unique. (In fact, a professor of mathematics calculated that there are over 915 million ways to combine six LEGO bricks.)

As a child, when playing with LEGOs in your room, your creation was something out of your own imagination. But when you played LEGOs with others, the final creation was epic. The very art of collaboration brought new ideas, designs, and visions. Even though the exact same LEGO bricks were being used, the collaborative effort would result in something, unlike anything you would have created on your own.

Such is the case when creating business value. It is a collaborative game between supplier and customer. The supplier and customer come to the table with their own set of LEGOs. Inside the supplier’s kit of LEGOs are their resources, capabilities, and experience. The customer’s LEGO kit contains their desired outcomes, resources, and processes. It is the art of “snapping on” the right LEGO pieces together which creates “Value LEGOs.” When you collaborate with your customers to build Value LEGOs, you truly learn how they think about their business and open a window into their biases and beliefs. With Bain & Company’s research around the B2B Elements of Value, sellers have an easy framework to use to understand what their customers and prospects value the most.

While actual LEGOs feature 2,350 different elements and 52 colors, the Ecosystem digital platform has over 5,000 Value LEGOs. Before you go into your next critical customer conversation, let us show you which Value LEGOs to bring and which ones your customer will want to snap on!


Enterprise SoftwareChad Quinn, CEO, Ecosystems
Chad Quinn is the CEO of Ecosystems. For over 20 years, Chad has led the organization, focusing on helping Fortune 500 companies set up Value Management Offices (VMOs) to discover, quantify, and track business outcomes. Chad’s passion is to impact the lives of others. As host of the Voice of Value podcast, he discusses with B2B sales, marketing, and customer success leaders how to make your value clear. When he is not interviewing podcast guests, like Stanley McChrystal, J.B. Wood, or Beth Comstock, Chad enjoys long walks to Mars.

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