Justin’s $50 Million Deal [Case Study]

Justin, an account manager at a Fortune 500 company, recently worked with the Value Management Office (powered by Ecosystems) with his customer. Justin’s customer was approaching the end of their contract with the services they purchased from Justin’s company. In order for Justin’s customer to renew the contract and possibly purchase more, Justin knew he needed to prove that the customer had received significant value from the service to date. Justin said, “There was definitely a feeling that the cost of the renewal was going to have a negative impact on their appetite to do anything new . . . The picture of our value was a little bit murky.”  But in working with the Value Management Office, Justin found they “were layering on addition value which was becoming richer, deeper, and more meaningful . . . We focused on analyzing both tangible and intangible metrics.” By clearly showing the past value delivered to the customer, Justin and his team were able to win a $50 million deal. Watch Justin’s story here:

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