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Ditch the Sales Pitch: How to Have a Conversation, Not a Presentation

During your Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with customers, does it feel like your Customer Success team is giving a sales pitch through a massive PowerPoint presentation? Are you just giving updates and delivering the news on the ROI of using your product or solution?

To fully engage with your customer champions and customer executive stakeholders, you need to ditch these one-sided presentations and host meaningful, interactive conversations beyond answering, “Are you delivering what you promised?” (In case you missed it, here are four keys to powerful QBRs.)

Outcome Selling Advisory Ecosystem member, Grad Rosenbaum, Vice President & General Manager of Americas Region Services and Solutions at HP, shared how his team evolved their QBRs to gain higher-level executive participation and attracted a higher level of engagement in discussions:

  • One-third of your QBR conversations should include an operational, looking-backwards process of showing your execution against the contract. Show the results and outcomes of what was delivered versus what was promised in the agreement.
  • Two-thirds of your QBR conversations should be focused on forward-thinking initiatives around what you can do to bring incremental value tied to your customer’s objectives in the coming year.
  • Leverage an interactive platform so that you can memorialize your QBR discussion to map out future initiatives and also track the value that your solution has already delivered.

Learn more in the video clip.