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Value Beyond Return On Investment (ROI)

How do you have a more holistic conversation with customers around value?

Geoffrey Moore, best-selling author, speaker, and advisor to high-tech companies, shares a framework for conversations to have before the close of a sale to lay the foundation for customer success and business value realization:

The acronym V2MOM describes an ideal customer outcome journey:

  • Vision – Having vision allows sales teams to ask, “What is the current and desired future states of an outcome?”
  • Values – Values represent, “What do you want to exemplify to customers in arriving at said future state?”
  • Method – Method involves, “What are you going to do to get there?”
  • Obstacles – Noting obstacles allows a team to realize, “What is going to get in the way of our goals?”
  • Measures – Lastly, measures ask: “How have we measured success?”

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