My Ecosystems Summer Internship Experience

On June 6th, 2021, I sat in my ‘office,’ which doubles as my childhood bedroom, preparing for my first day with Ecosystems. My dad helped me set up two monitors at my desk, a ring light for Zoom calls, and ensured that I was ready for the summer. I had a mix of feelings – nerves, confidence, but mostly excitement as I went to bed that night.

On day one of my marketing internship I waited eagerly to meet Diana Tung, Senior Marketing Manager, on our introductory call. Diana welcomed me to the Ecosystems family by introducing me to the Eco principles, history, partnerships, and the 40 B2B Elements of Value. The marketing team was wonderful to work and collaborate with. We met virtually every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to check in on our weekly ‘wins’ and helped each other in any areas that needed support. Every Friday we started off talking about our weekend plans and every Monday we began by asking each other how those plans went! These conversations connected me with the team on both a personal and professional level.

The projects I have worked on throughout my summer have been very insightful. I have learned skills, tips, and information about both the marketing and the sales world through my internship that I could have never learned in a classroom. I was introduced to tools that I had never worked with before including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Salesforce, and HubSpot. Although my title was “Marketing Intern,” I worked very closely with the Business Development team on outreach for the Customer Value Community and for our two webinars this summer.

My final project was my favorite. I was tasked to create an email campaign for Ecosystems’ Voice of Value podcast. As I listened to all of the episodes, I gained so much knowledge about a variety of topics ranging from the neuroscience of trust to social selling to human-first leadership.

Reflecting on the summer I have learned a great deal about myself, marketing, sales, and Ecosystems! My internship was extremely insightful into the SaaS world, one that previously I was unfamiliar with. I want to thank everyone I have worked with for a great summer internship experience!

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Carly Cooper is a rising senior at the University of Delaware (UD) double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Professional Selling and Sales Management. She has held multiple leadership positions such as the President of her Business Fraternity and a peer mentor to first-year students at UD. Carly is a creative, hard-working, and open-minded individual who seeks opportunities to further these traits and skills in the business world.

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