The Changing Role of B2B Sales

This Voice of Value podcast is chock full of key insights into the tectonic shifts in B2B selling.  Like all previous Voice of Value podcasts, I found this one to be informative, thought provoking and very professionally done.  It is a must listen to for any sales professional who wants to better understand what is happening today in B2B sales – and what is quickly coming down the pike.   Not only do Chad and JB explore what is changing and why, they give a roadmap for the sales professional to follow. The role of “pre-sales” is shifting to Marketing and Social Media.  The role of “post-sales” is moving to CX, Service and others.  This leaves a “compressed”, but extremely important, role for sales.  Customers are expecting sales to intimately understand the Customer’s industry, business model, challenges and what is possible.  As a result they want the salesperson to answer several key questions for them: 1) What does this mean for me (what Outcomes and Value can I expect to receive or are possible from your solution); and 2) What will be my experience in working with your company and implementing your solution? Additionally, the salesperson must understand the key “conditions for success” which are the conditions for mutually agreed upon Outcomes by which both parties will be measured.  If they are not present, or the Customer is not prepared to carry their share of the load, this is a sale that you must walk away from.  While the pain of losing is bad, the pain of winning can be much greater for the selling organization.  In short, the sales person will become more of a consultant telling the Customer what they should be thinking about, what is possible and what they should be doing. In short, the value a salesperson brings to the conversation in this new order can be extremely high – if the salesperson is prepared to have the “right” conversations with the Customer!

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