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Meet the New Value Management Office (VMO)

We’ve done a lot of reflection over the past few months, asking ourselves, “What is the essence of who we are?” “What is our core purpose?” In the process, we kept returning to a central theme: We believe that making value clear is our life’s work—not just business. Our passion, commitment, and dedication to making sure that our clients have what they need to be successful, to differentiate, and to sell more can only be captured in that statement. Whether we’re on vacation, in a coffee shop, or with the team, we consistently return to the belief that making value clear is more than business. We’re excited to launch a new logo that captures and embodies our life’s work, with an emphasis on three core beliefs: clip_image002 - Copy (2)

Success is Measured by Outcomes   

If you’ve read our post on essentialism, you know that since day one, Ecosystems and the Value Management Office have been devoted to outcomes for our clients. We measure success by the outcomes we achieve. Our logo captures the power and strength that is found in achieving outcomes by making value clear.

Simplicity is Powerful

Whether you’re conveying past value delivered to an existing customer or future value to a prospective customer, we keep value differentiation simple by providing a comprehensive program. We’re here to help, whether you’re part of an emerging company or an established one, whether you’ve been in your job for 10 years or 10 days.

Global Innovation is Key

Each value management office is part of a larger network of VMOs, powered by Ecosystems, that are on the frontier of value innovation. The new logo will cross cultural borders, representing Value Management Offices in conversations with customers across the globe—from Japan to France, Australia to the United States, Brazil to Russia. Our beliefs about outcomes, simplicity, and innovation have brought us to where we are today. We look forward to adopting this new identity as an authentic embodiment of who we are. Ultimately, differentiating the value of our products, services—and ourselves—has the power to enrich and transform all of our lives.

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