The “Zoom Out & Zoom In” Perspective on Scalable Learning

John Hagel, Co-Chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, discusses with Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, what a scalable learning organization looks like from a big-picture perspective and from a close-up perspective.

  • “Zoom Out”: Learning is not just another task on a list; instead, scalable learning must be baked into an organization’s structure and into how it executes all its tasks. When developing the processes of an organization, always keep in mind how the insights gained from one execution can be stored, easily accessed, and adapted for another. This will significantly change what an organization’s processes look like. More fundamentally, when deciding on structure, paying close attention to how each decision will affect the ability of employees to collaborate and innovate
  • “Zoom In”: The best source of information about any process is the people who execute it. The best way to improve a task is by asking employees how they could improve their current process and then implement a solution. If the implementation brings about a desirable outcome, the organization has learned a lesson.

Remember: though building an organization around learning may cost both time and resources, the increase in the value you create for your customers will more than compensate.

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