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Customer Success Lead


“Pride of ownership” is defined as the psychological benefit to owning, rather than renting. Though it requires an investment of blood, sweat, and tears, it means you can put your personal stamp on the whole project, and create something lasting and permanent. Its result is a polished final product with attention to detail that is obvious to others.

We aren’t looking for renters.

The Customer Success Lead we are looking for is yearning to own something. He/she will own the relationship strategy with key stakeholders across key accounts. We need a leader and a detail-oriented organizer who is passionate about both the project and meeting the needs of the team and the client. The person in this role will connect and communicate and serve as a customer advocate, always looking for ways to help.


As a Customer Success Lead, your responsibilities fall into three areas:

1. Account Management

  • Own the relationship strategy with key stakeholders across key accounts.
  • Be a value consultant and mentor/leader to other value consultants.
  • Lead hands-on execution to drive program adoption, create raving fan advocates, and show impacted revenue.
  • Lead executive reviews of the program with client

2. Account Development

  • Define and execute renewal strategies and growth strategies with key accounts
  • Teach customers about Ecosystems’ services. Provide overviews of Ecosystems’ services to customers who want to learn more.
  • Provide deal support to our customers using Ecosystems software.
  • Increase the number of people who use our services. Reach out to our customers who are not fully utilizing the services available to them. (Note that this is not a sales role. The people you reach out to are already Ecosystems customers.)

3. Customer Success

  • Define and execute raving fan strategy with key accounts.
  • Conduct customer outreach. Employ email, phone calls, Skype, and other communication methods to connect with customers and make sure they are receiving the support they need. Every day!
  • Identify success stories. Gather stories from customers about their success with Ecosystems’ services, and share the stories with others.
  • Strive to achieve goals. Work to accomplish clear goals in a nurturing and collaborative environment.


  • Creative problem solver
  • Relationship-oriented and passionate about helping others
  • Ability to plan and execute customer outreach strategy
  • Great communication skills and ability to explain complex concepts
  • Excited to work closely with a mentor and team, but is also a self-starter
  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Gritty — focused on results, not obstacles

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