Software for Collaborative Value Management

From pre-sale value assessments to post-sale value realization, Ecosystems is the leading platform for quantifying customer value.

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Scale Your Value Selling

Ecosystems ensures the consistency and quality of your value conversations.

Unstructured forms of quantitative (e.g., ROI/TCO models, benchmarks) and qualitative (e.g., case studies, differentiators) content are replaced with a digital cloud platform—purpose-built for quantifying and communicating customer value.


Modernize Your Approach to Customer Value Management

From lead generation value calculators on the website… to elegant value assessments delivered to customers by Sales… to Customer Success utilities for quantifying value delivered…to authoring utilities for your Value Experts… to Marketing dashboards for analyzing quantified outcomes across engagements, Ecosystems aligns all stakeholders around a shared digital record of customer value.

Convert unstructured content into an enterprise cloud platform for value selling
Modularize content to address both point offerings and aggregate solution bundles
Enrich messaging with pre-built libraries of industry value templates
Organize messaging based on customer persona, industry, or other attributes
Augment monetized value (ROI, TCO) with qualitative messaging
Empower Value Engineers to refine custom models for strategic deals
Directly immerse customers in value dialogue through online collaboration
Generate board-ready, branded outputs to Microsoft Office and Google Workspace formats
Seamlessly pivot from pre-sales conversations to post-sale value tracking
Harvest benchmarks and analytics across customer engagements


Our Customers Achieve Amazing Results

As evidenced by our Success Stories, Ecosystems transforms your ability to win, retain, and grow customers with quantified value.

Higher Confidence in Purchase Decisions

Scale business value models to every opportunity, resulting in a higher level of confidence in purchase decisions for both buyers and sellers.

Gain Executive Support

Gain senior executive support earlier in the process, removing leverage from the purchasing review process and accelerating the decision process.

Benchmarking & Insights for Sellers

Capture performance benchmarks to inform similar models, providing reliable financial references for buyers and advisory insights for sellers.

Enable Customer Champions to Co-sell

Help customers to own the assumptions and data incorporated into the model, enabling internal champions to co-sell to executives and budget owners.

Value Realization

Monitor value realization to support actual solution performance and provide an early indication of customers that are at risk and those that are candidates for upselling and cross-selling.

Align Teams

Align sales, success, service, product, and marketing teams to customer value.

Speed Up Onboarding

Speed the onboarding process for new reps, sales engineers, and success managers.

Facilitate Transformation

Facilitate brand transformations from products to business outcomes.

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