Community Impact

At Ecosystems, we believe we find our own value in helping others make their value clear. We do this with Homestretch, a non-profit organization, by serving others and creating a beneficial impact on our community. Eco’s team volunteers quarterly with Homestretch.

Homestretch, an award-winning nonprofit, exists to help homeless families find permanent housing and gain the skills and education they need to become self-sufficient.

The nonprofit’s life-changing work is achieving great success. However, with a recent change in government donation policies, Homestretch has to look elsewhere for critical funding–primarily from individuals and businesses. To do so, Homestretch wants to convey clearly the value it creates for homeless families and the community. To make its value clear to potential donors, Homestretch turned to Ecosystems.

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The Impact Study

Ecosystems partnered with Homestretch to analyze and quantify the value of the Homestretch model to alleviate homelessness in The Impact Study. Learn how Homestretch is working to make a positive and lasting impact on families.

Check out the Impact Study here.


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