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Hear from Michael Plaskow, CPO of Ecosystems, Easton Taylor, Vice President of Customer Success at Gainsight, and Todd Massey, Director of Customer Success Operations at Delphix as they explore strategies to drive customer retention and expansion.

Hear from Jeff Depa, CRO of Gainsight, and Brent Adamson, Global Head of Research & Communities at Ecosystems, who led us in a discussion around reframing value, defining durable growth, and uniting sales and customer success through value.

Join the Customer Value Community for a webinar roundtable discussion of 2023 Priorities in Value Management, B2B Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing.

Hear from Maher Iskandar, Global Head of Value Advisory at Qualtrics, as he explores the ties between value realization and go-to-market strategy.

Learn from Brent Adamson, Global Head of Research & Communities at Ecosystems, as he explores Eco’s new framework for driving predictable growth through a world-class “value operating system.”

Learn from our panel of top SaaS companies as they discuss driving the pipeline, the best practices for integrating value management into your sales motion, tips on how to build new operating models for value engagement, getting sales buy-in, and more.

Hear from a panel of top female leaders in the tech industry to explore lessons learned throughout their careers, bust some common myths about female leadership in tech, and learn tips to secure valuable mentorships.

Learn how top SaaS organizations are using different ways to mix qualitative and quantitative value to create an engaging customer story aligned from presales to Customer Success.

Learn how Autodesk has shifted from a fragmented structure to an outcome-based framework and how that has positively impacted their organization.

Learn about the latest industry trends and best practices for Excellence in Customer Value from Ecosystems and IDC’s Second Annual Survey of 300+ leaders in B2B sales, customer success, value management, and marketing.

We explore the benefits of adopting a RevOps approach, like connecting data from sales, CS, marketing, and value management teams to help provide a better 360- degree customer view before, during, and after the sale.

Learn answers to questions like, how can you start to standardize the Positive Business Outcomes (PBOs) that are delivered by your solution? Don’t miss out on this webinar!

Learn the elements of what makes a strong partnership success plan to build and retain relationships with high-level stakeholders and more.

Learn about the future or value management and how to tackle the shift in customer expectations. Don’t miss out on this forwardlooking webinar!

At ELEVATE 2021, Ecosystems premier value management conference, we examined how customer value is the golden thread between B2B sales, customer success, and marketing.