Enterprise Software for B2B Sales & Customer Success Teams

Ecosystems is an enterprise cloud platform for digitizing and scaling how you quantify customer value in as little as two weeks.


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Aligning the Enterprise Around Quantified Customer Value Realization

Value Assessment

Quantify and communicate your unique business value, providing customers the necessary justification to invest.

Initiate customer conversation with a high-level summary of potential benefits (Outside-In)

Digitally assemble targeted messaging based on customer persona, industry, or other attributes

Expose customers to holistic views of value, including ROI, TCO, and non-monetized elements like risk mitigation

Directly immerse customers in value dialogue through online collaboration

Value Realization

Earn the right to retain and grow by tracking and consenting on the actual value your customers experience.

Seamlessly pivot from pre-sales conversations on anticipated value to post-sale value tracking

Turn the customer’s value journey into a digital record shared by both Sales and Customer Success

Establish customer consent and co-ownership through collaborative cloud access

Ensure every renewal conversation is supported by tangible customer value

Value Benchmarking

Harvest insights across customers on anticipated and recognized value.

Leverage cross-customer averages on recognized value to validate market messaging

Use empirical results to set intelligent defaults for the next generation of customer conversations

Track benchmarks and value trends by industry

Align the value messaging consumed by the field with product marketing campaigns

Web Value Calculator

Initiate the customer journey with interactive teasers on the business value of your offerings.

Generate leads through visual value experiences on your corporate website

Execute value-based sales campaigns by distributing online access to lead-generation assets

Leverage Ecosystems’ partnership with IDC to substantiate value assumptions with industry-leading research

Benefit from platform automation that converts a lead-generation interaction into a more detailed Value Assessment owned by Sales

Value Engineering

Leverage Ecosystems’ authoring toolkit to digitize and scale the distribution of value messaging.

Convert spreadsheet-based ROI/TCO models into a modular library of value templates

Digitize and distribute case studies, proof points, and other qualitative sources of customer value

Benefit from a central content library, while retaining the agility for deal-specific messaging

Tag content to solutions, industries, personas, and more to enable the automated retrieval of relevant messaging for the field

Value-Based Selling Tools

From the creation of content to online customer collaboration to sales coaching, every component of Ecosystems is architected for digital (cloud-based) selling.