The Ecosystem Platform Seamlessly Integrated in The Salesforce AppExchange

Tom Young, a senior sales executive, shares his experience of leveraging the Ecosystem platform embedded in “I’m getting value, finally, out of spending time in that tool []. It’s [The Ecosystem platform is] actually helping me close faster, differentiate myself from my competitors.”

Full Integration

As a partner, our software embeds directly into your Salesforce instance. This offers your sales and customer success teams one place to go for all intelligence related to discovering, quantifying, and tracking your customers’ business outcomes.

  • Deploys in 30 minutes
  • Operates within Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience, and Salesforce1
  • No additional log-ins—use’s encrypted single sign-on
  • Automatically post customer-inputted data and interactive business cases to relevant accounts and opportunities, or expand for a customer-facing presentation
  • Generate reports on the adoption and impact of value-selling based on any standard or custom fields tied to accounts and opportunities

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Track the Impact of Value Selling – track program adoption and impact in terms of close rates, deal size, sales cycle duration, and discount rates
  • Increase Adoption & Accountability – easily locate, learn from, and re-leverage what has worked in the past to repeat successes and grow accounts
  • Intelligent Posting of Deliverables – automatically distribute relevant deliverables to all active deals based on user-defined attributes
  • Uniformity & Continuity Despite Churn – seamlessly pass ownership of customer artifacts from one representative to another

Learn more about this latest innovation and the ‘Why?’ behind the design and focus in this blog post.

Hear from a senior Salesforce analyst on her experience with integrating Ecosystems into their organization’s Salesforce instance: “Installing the application and working with Ecosystems, it was super easy! All the documentation was stellar. They went through a rigorous security review with flying colors. No issues there. Would I recommend Ecosystems in using business cases? I would, for anyone that’s interested in understanding the value behind products and services they sell.”

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