Establish a Value Management Office that goes beyond software

Our additional services include:

Value Engineering 

Starting with our outcome template library, we can help you establish an outcome selling program. Ecosystems’ Value Engineers work directly with your product teams. Together, they will structure the value story of your solutions by:

  • Analyzing the environment of prospective customers
  • Identifying which solutions address the customer’s business needs
  • Demonstrating the business value of implementation to the customer

Business value is demonstrated through monetary, quantifiable, and/or qualitative drivers. Value Engineers can work with you to organize and tailor value stories according to industry verticals and business personas.

Field Adoption

Our customer success teams and value experts will help transform your sales operations from a transactional sales process into a subscription-based process. We work closely with your sales enablement teams to ensure your sales curriculum includes outcome-based selling methodologies as well as practical application and use cases. Our hands-on enablement services are delivered by sharing expert thought leadership and research, as well as practical ways to apply outcome-based selling in our platform. These services include:

  • All hands sales training
  • Manager coaching workshops
  • Regular attendance on team calls
  • Small group enablement sessions
  • 1:1 enablement sessions

We track the efficacy of our enablement programs through metrics like the overall adoption of the platform, increases in revenue, and win rates.

Strategic Deal Support

Value Consultants, who are third-party experts in value, help your marketing, sales, and customer success teams quantify and communicate the benefits of your products, based on the desired outcomes of your customers. Value Consultants work directly with your sales and customer success managers and your customers to co-create a compelling story that truly resonates with your clients. Working directly with our Value Consultants will help your:

  • Marketing teams increase pipeline
  • Sales teams shorten sales cycles, reduce price discounting, and improve win rates
  • Customer success teams increase renewal margin, improve cross-sell and upsell, and improve overall renewal rates

How can you leverage the Ecosystem platform to ensure success?