Transforming Customer Conversations Around Business Outcomes and Value Delivery

Ecosystems and Outcome Chains are excited to announce a strategic partnership to provide an integrated solution that brings together the industry’s leading outcome selling and value management capabilities for business-to-business teams to have transformative customer conversations around business outcomes and value delivery.

The integrated solution provides relevant industry content, data, and insights to sales and customer success professionals to increase close rates and drive growth and retention. New and existing customers of each of the SaaS platforms will be able to access the newly integrated capability as an add-on module.

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world’s leading research organization dedicated to helping technology companies achieve profitable growth and solve their top business challenges. In a recent study of their Members, over 85% of the firms reported that they are changing the way they hire, train, and develop their people to become more industry-, outcome- and value-focused in the way they engage with customers.

Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, said “We are excited to partner with Outcome Chains to help sellers have credible industry conversations with their customers. When sellers are in the Ecosystems SaaS platform, they will now be able to go into an online library and activate templates that show business outcomes, key strategies, KPIs, and enabling technologies for 29 different industries.”

“We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with Ecosystems as our 29 industry outcome chains will now have the ability to show quantified business value” said J.B. Wood, CEO of Outcome Chains. “It’s not just about helping sellers to have better conversations with customers, it’s also about being able to demonstrate the value that your solutions offer, which makes expansion and renewal a much more pleasurable experience for everyone.”

David McKenney, Senior Vice President at Bentley Systems shared, “One of our strategic priorities is to combine our efforts around outcome-based selling and customer value management; we’re doing this with the joint objectives of delivering more value to our customers and growing revenues in new and existing accounts. We’re excited about the strategic partnership between Ecosystems and Outcome Chains, which we believe is going to help accelerate our journey by providing one integrated platform focused on customer outcomes for sales and customer success.”

To help your sales and service teams thrive, learn more about how Ecosystems and Outcome Chains’ integration can elevate your business:

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