+ Add-On Modules

Out-of-the-box, Ecosystems addresses the core needs of all stakeholders involved in managing customer value: Sales, Customer Success, Business Value Teams, and Marketing.

However, Ecosystems’ unique architecture also includes a library of Add-On Modules—and the ability to build custom Add-On Modules—to broaden the scope of customer value conversations.

This “future-proofing” architecture ensures Ecosystems has the agility to evolve with your emerging best practices at any stage of the customer value journey.


Value-Added Selling

CRM extension that empowers account teams to collaborate and consent upon the value-based sales approach to an opportunity.

Discovery Workshop

Consultative framework for making connections between your customer’s business objectives and relevant portions of your solution portfolio.

Maturity Assessment

Visual environment for assessing your customer’s solution maturity through qualitative questionnaires or KPI-based industry comparisons.

Customer Success

Strategic Business Review

Joint planning environment for aligning on both past performance and future partnership direction, which also doubles as a progressive interface for facilitating quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Value Comparison

Scenario-based environment for modeling the impact of deployment decisions on recognized business value.

Customer Whitespace

Visual interface for exploring unleveraged portions of the solution portfolio with existing customers.

Optional Support Services

Many organizations have the necessary resources to launch a value-selling program. Others, even if temporary, benefit from optional support services to close gaps. Commonly termed a Value Management Office, or VMO, organizations can configure a team for support across the following functions:

Field Adoption

Value Consultants work closely with your enablement teams to equip Sales and Customer Success with value-selling best practices.

Support enablement/awareness sessions with the field (all-hands, group, and 1:1)

Facilitate coaching workshops for managers

Create material to support on-demand/virtual enablement