Episode 16:

Episode 16: Rethinking the Channel in an XaaS World

Key Takeaways

In this Voice of Value podcast episode, J.B. Wood, CEO of Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), discusses the change that is needed in the current world of XaaS (Anything as a service) for channel partners to thrive.

3 key takeaways on rethinking your own channel sales program in an XaaS world:

  • Is the value-add that your partners have today around re-selling and implementation services sustainable value going forward?
  • Could your partners provide higher-order value in providing customer success services to your end customer and helping to quantify vertical outcomes for your customers?
  • Is your channel program ready for a partner enablement platform and ecosystem?

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[1:06] – Why do we need to rethink the channel in an Xaas world?

[3:30] – What’s the value in the channel?

[5:21] – How does the partner make money moving forward?

[5:44] – The Great Debate: Who should do the verticalization of the solutions?

[7:58] – How to address the dilemma of the high cost of sale while also enabling channel partners to have recurring conversations with end customers.

[9:27] – How to put a guaranteed floor under your end customer experience.

[10:30] – The notion of creating a branded end customer experience.

[11:33] – Within the vendor’s organization, who writes the check for a partner enablement platform?

[12:44] – Within the partner community, which tier should vendors look to start providing an enablement platform?

[14:57] – Vendors are behind where they need to be in transforming their channel sales partnerships.

[15:58] – The KPI indicators of successful channel sales partnerships.

[16:40] – How can the vendor community start the transformation with the concept of providing channel sales partners with an enablement platform.

[18:57] – As a XaaS vendor, when should you start a transformation with your channel sales partners?