Ecosystems’ Seamless Integration with Gainsight


How It Works

Together, Ecosystems and Gainsight empower seamless handoffs between sales and customer success teams to track value promised and ongoing, quantified value delivered within the Gainsight 360 Customer Success Plan.

Seamlessly Handoff Business Cases from Sales to Customer Success plusminus

Customer Success can automatically retrieve business cases and desired outcomes in Gainsight that were created in presales. (Learn more about our integrations with Salesforce and other CRMs.)


Automatically Create Success Plans & Track Value Realization plusminus

The presales business case in Gainsight sets a foundation for rock star Client Success Plans and tracking quantifiable business value realization, including any changes between what was scoped and what was deployed.


Identify Likely Churn & Expansion Opportunities plusminus

By utilizing the presales business case for value realization, identify the areas where the customer is not realizing the promised value (likely to churn) or realizing a lot of value (likely to expand).


Objectively Monitor Customer Health plusminus

In Ecosystems’ collaborative value management platform, your customers are inputting their own data collaboratively with the Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your Customer Success (CS) team is able to then use this data to objectively monitor account health, instead of relying on a single person’s subjective data.


Enhance Team Collaboration plusminus

By adding collaborators directly in Gainsight, everyone on the CS team, from CSMs to CS executive leadership can access business cases for presales, value realization, and expansion opportunities.


Enable Uniformity & Continuity Despite Employee Churn plusminus

By leveraging Ecosystems’ integration with Gainisght, new CSMs can pick up where the last CSM left off, enabling continuity with 
the customer.


Leverage Best Practices to Improve Performance plusminus

Easily locate, learn from, and releverage what has worked in the past to repeat successes and grow accounts.


Benchmark Customer & Industry Data plusminus

Access benchmarked data from business cases tied to customer segments and industries and use what has resonated most to improve your product marketing and development.


Track Adoption of your CS Methodology & Value Program plusminus

Ensure you are getting the most out of your investments in CS methodology, training, and enablement by getting access to an adoption dashboard right in Gainsight.


The ONLY value management platform
fully integrated with Sightline


Hear from our Raving Fans

See what our clients have to say about Ecosystems’ collaborative value management platform.


“The nice thing about the Ecosystems platform is that it’s a great way to be succinct, meaningful, and value-driven… especially when dealing with executive buyers and the teams supporting them.”

Alex Hesterberg

Chief Strategy Officer
(CSO) at Delphix


“Great way to capture
outcomes prospects
need to get deals done
while also operationalizing
outcomes for post-
sales success!”

Megha Mathur

Director of Business
Operations, Gainsight


“In our executive business
reviews, having this level
of conversaton has
definitely changed the
for what we’re
talking about.”

Ashvin Vaidyanathan

Former Chief Customer Officer
at Gainsight



How to Prove ROI with
a Company-Wide
Value Program

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